Mistakes, didn’t they ever learn?

These days recent cameras have made lot of improvement. But still there’s something that simply I cannot understand. Some camera manufacturers seems not learn from their mistakes, and some of them even worse, they make their new mistake. This is what I’m talking about :

  1. Nikon : A Nikon’s flagship prosumer camera Nikon P5100 designed to compete with Canon G9. But how can P5100 beats G9 without RAW file format? No professional photographer will take any prosumer without RAW capability. Regretfully, no successor for legendary Nikon Coolpix 8800 anymore today.

  2. Sony : H3, this little new camera looks promising. It sports 10x zoom lens in a small body that has a retro style, but how can a 10x zoom camera has no optical nor electronic viewfinder at all? Should we only rely on main LCD when composing image? Sony H7 and H9 have a better specification if compared with H3, but how can these Sony’s flagship prosumer cameras have no compression setting for image quality? Even a cheap value camera give us a freedom to choose between normal, fine or superfine compression setting.

  3. Olympus : The only brand that insist using memory card that so awfully expensive (and slow) is Olympus. Every camera’s lineup from Olympus (except Olympus DSLR) uses xD memory card only, and I guess that’s why their sales left far behind. xD format is non standard, slow read/write speed, low capacity, expensive and no way can compete with SD or CF. Fuji has learn from their mistake and their new lineup use dual memory card slot now : xD and SD cards.

  4. Canon: Canon G7 with RAW, that’s what I know about G9. Well, it’s a great flagship camera from Canon. But when compared with older G series, G7/G9 is still a Canon’s recent mistake. Slow lens is the main reason, along with non rotating LCD, made Canon’s fans moaning and complaining about it all the time.

  5. Panasonic : Being a newcomer in digital photography has made Panasonic learns to compete very well. All of Lumix lineup are equipped with Optical Image Stabilization feature. Moreover, Lumix with Leica lens makes a great synergy, but they still unable to resolve a big problem inside their Venus Engine’s noise reduction algorithm. Noise and excessive noise reduction algorithm always haunted Lumix users.

  6. Fuji : We all like Fuji’s magic sensor (SuperCCD) that makes remarkable picture with low noise and high dynamic range. But now Fuji decide not to implementing SuperCCD sensor on their new prosumer S8000 anymore, instead they now use ordinary CCD. This is a major drawback decision from Fuji.

  7. Kodak : The DSLR market has grown rapidly in 2007. But Kodak has decide to withdraw from DLSR competition just before DSLR market grew in 2006. Now there’s a rumor that Kodak also about to withdraw entirely from digicam market. Strange decision..

I write this in English so those camera manufacturers might read this and realize their mistakes. Didn’t they ever learn yet?


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