Samsung G810, cameraphone with 3x optical zoom

This brand new Samsung G810 GSM phone has something remarkable to offer : a 5 mega pixels camera with 3x optical zoom lens! Yes, this handset really represent both side of the world, with ability to perform as a cell-phone and a true digital camera in a single device. This feature-packed phone is powered with the latest Symbian OS, 330MHz TI OMAP processor and large 2.6″ 256K-color TFT LCD display with QVGA resolution. Don’t forget the built-in GPS receiver and Wi-Fi too. Design to compete with Nokia N95 8 GB, Samsung G810 indeed lacking of wealthy internal memory (only 130 MB) but the problem can be solved simply with adding additional memory into microSD slot.

In term of design, this sleek slider-phone really looks like a digital camera at the back, with a large lens and flash dominated the backside of the phone. The camera is hidden under a nice metallic cover. It’s an active lens cover and sliding it turns the camera on. Speaking about camera, this phone has a sophisticated camera’s specification with the ability to take pictures with 5 mega pixels resolution, 3x optical zoom lens, autofocus, face detection and xenon flash. Movie mode can be taken with VGA resolution up to 22 fps. Thanks to built-in GPS receiver, this phone has an ability to geo-tagging photography. The submenu for general camera settings includes wide dynamic range, anti-shake, picture quality and ISO settings. Exposure metering is also configurable and auto focus can be switched off if necessary.

This phone also HSDPA ready (even only tri-bands) making web browsing blazingly fast (max. 3,6 MBps) and fun (thanks to Symbian web browser). Speaking of fun, there’s also music player that can play MP3/AAC/WMA digital audio file and also a radio receiver available for more fun. Don’t worry about office productivity since there’s a office reader (mobile office application pre-installed) such a Word, Excel and PDF reader. Connectivity is really pleasing, with USB connectivity is truly seamless, as with any other Symbian device. In addition you also get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which should take care of all your wireless data transfer needs. The network connectivity is also at the expected high level with GPRS, EDGE and 3G all covered. The only one who missing here is a infra red port (do we still need it?).

<<Article re-written from GSM Arena>>


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Saya suka mengikuti perkembangan teknologi digital, senang jalan-jalan, memotret, menulis dan minum kopi. Pernah bekerja sebagai engineer di industri TV broadcasting, namun kini saya lebih banyak aktif di bidang fotografi khususnya mengajar kursus dan tur fotografi bersama

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  1. ak udah beli bln april.. kameranya oke, bagusan ini daripada N82. tp minim aplikasi pabrikan, secara harga N82 lebih mahaaallll..
    masalahnya timbul pas gw kasi mmc 2gb, bat jd drop, hp gw udah opname 3x, ganti batre.. akhirnya biangnya ketemu.. cuman sepele, ga cocok sama mmc (V-Gen) nya.
    gw ga pake mmc bisa 2,5 hari pemakaian normal.
    pake mmc hanya endurance 12 jam.. huh..
    gw ganti punya sandisk kaga ngaruh.. haduuuhhh.. padahal di mmc ada aplikasi garminnya, udah muahal belinya jadi mubazir.. hukzz..

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